Sunday, May 25, 2014

Well, Memorial Day has finally arrived.  After a long winter and one week of spring it begins.  Many of the seasonal cabin owners make their annual trip to the Lake with lawn mower and weed whacker in tow.  Kids of all ages are hauled along to do yard work and help clean the cabin.  I think many residents here wonder why all the work but I think folks generally enjoy it.  As they work they can think of all the fun times ahead for them.

During the winter, I thought that is should redo my website at Cisco's Landing.  My existing website was ten years old and I thought it was time for a change.  I also wanted to let customers pay for their reservation deposit online.  As a guy who was an adult before public computers started I have had to teach myself about their intricacies for 40 years.  I have spent far more time figuring out programs and how to, use them than I ever have done generating something.  My son-in-law Jeff, who designed my first wouldn't tell me how to manage it for fear I would screw something up.  My experience with website design is limited so I though I would involve a web designer.  I would have gone to the guys in town but they are overwhelmed.  I have had a lot of experience with training East Indians how to drive boats so I though they could help me with a website. Two months later I have learned to use my Skype and am in the process of learning WordPress, something I never knew existed.  I also got to know some interesting people in India. The first cut is done and is now live at  I am happy so far and I hope to be able to learn enough to manage it.  Check it out.

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